Empowering You and Your Clients with Health Education

Teaching Science and Traditions Based Integrated Modalities of Healing and Collaborative Care

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Meeting Todays Clinicians with the Knowledge They Need to Practice in the Environment of Value Based Care

Meeting Clients Demands for Consumer Directed Health Care Services

With Health Care Changing at a Rapid Pace, and the Focus on the Consumer Directed Care, Health Empowerment, and Improved Healthcare Outcomes, Do You Feel You Have the Clinical Skills You Need to Practice this New Medicine? 


Would You Like To Learn More to Be Able to Better Help Your Patients?


Would This Knowledge Help You More Successfully Compete In this New Healthcare Landscape?

Benefits of Enrollment

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Online Learning

Diverse Areas of Study to Meet Your Needs

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Learn Acupuncture to Provide Non-Narcotic, Pain Management Alternatives for Your Patients

New Certificate Program

Did You Know the FDA Just Recently Recommended Physicians Learn About Acupuncture in Order to Manage the Opioid Epidemic?

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Go One Step Further, and Differentiate Yourself By Learning How to Do Acupuncture For Basic Conditions, and When to Refer

Learn How to Incorporate Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Virtual Care Technologies Into Your Business Model

New Business of Medicine Program for 2019

Our Mission is to Make these Advanced Health Solutions More Accessible and Integrated into Standard Clinical Care


Take Advantage of Online Education Formats that Make Learning More Accessible for Clinicians with Busy Schedules

Learn in an Interdisciplinary Community of Likeminded Practitioners

Take Certificate Courses that Lead to Mastery that Distinguishes You from Your Clinical Peers




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