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Employee Health Redefined
Focusing on 

Integrative Primary Care

Prevent, Treat, and Reverse Chronic Disease Using the Principles of Integrative and Functional Medicine to 

Lower Your Health Care Costs


Duchess Health at Work  gives self funded employers better control over their health care spend while improving the health of their employees through clinical, behavioral, technology, and health plan innovations


Attend doctors visits and group education programs remotely via telemedicine with access to online supplemental education programs and guidance via mobile and text, while achieving convenience, privacy and compliance


Our platform manages workflow, enhances care, and maximizes reporting to deliver incites into spending, care and outcomes of interventions, enabling you to identify, customize, and build out effective solutions for your company's specific needs .


Data is captured to  evaluate  health care quality, outcomes, and patient and provider satisfaction, to permit innovation in wellness and care delivery to optimize customer and provider experience

An Intelligence Based Platform for the
Entire Care Team

An ecosystem fueled by support and collaboration with the sole purpose of advancing personalized, patient centered health and wellness care management for your employees.








Use of the Duchess Health platform will encourage participation and compliance and optimize outcomes.

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Automated prescription database searches

Integrated laboratory and pharmacy


Integrative health coaching

Patient compliance dashboard

Rules based communication system

Programs held virtually and accessible online

Virtualization permits services to distributed workforce

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Let us help you improve the health of your employees with chronic disease with a tool that helps manage compliance while promoting best practices

Our Clinical Support Staff

Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Fitness

Based on referral, screening, and assessments, a personalized care plan is created for each patient. Selected modular programs are prescribed and certified health coaches, nutritionists, and fitness instructors deliver the content and perform  assessments supervised by a physician.


Personalized Lifestyle Programs

Fitness Prescription

Establish Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan

The Journey Towards Better Health for All Begins with a Single Step.

Help The People You Care For Begin Their Journey Today.

Fitness     Nutrition    Lifestyle Skills

Health Education        Community       Compassion

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